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Equipment Managment

Key Points

  • The Equipment Management Office (EMO) assists with the management, control, and annual physical inventory of the capital equipment (purchase price of $5000 and over) owned by, or in the custody of Utah State University. The EMO is here to assist you and personalized training is available, contact 7-1846.
  • All equipment purchased through the University Purchasing Office or by University Pcards belongs to Utah State University or the sponsoring agency.
  • You are responsible for all Utah State University equipment (regardless of cost) assigned to or used by you or students/employees in your management area.
  • University equipment is not to be used for personal purposes, and you must immediately report missing or stolen equipment.
  • Use the correct account codes for all equipment purchases to ensure accurate grant/contract and University financial records.
  • Any licensed/titled equipment, equipment loaned or provided to Utah State University must be listed on the Banner Fixed Asset system through the Equipment Management Office or it is NOT covered by University insurance (Risk Management 435-797-1844).
  • All University equipment (regardless of cost) must be disposed of through Utah State University’s Surplus Sales Office, contact 7-2083.