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Approving EPAFs in Banner Quick Training

Keep This in Mind

How to do it:

Managers log into Banner

  • Enter NOAAPSM in the "Go To" box.
    • Banner will log in to your personalized screen.
    • User ID should populate (FirstName_LastName).

    • If you are acting for yourself, leave the "Submitted From" and "Submitted To" dates, "Transaction" and "Queue" status, and "Proxy For" boxes in their default status.
      • If proxy: enter user ID of the person for whom you are a proxy in "Proxy For" box. ex: John_Doe

  • On Toolbar, click NEXT BLOCK.
  • Reenter USER PASSWORD, and click verify.
  • Transactions requiring approval will populate.
  • Highlight the transaction you would like to review.
  • Go to "PAF Detail Information" under options for more details. Review action requested.
  • Click on the "Other Information and Comments" tab and review the information present.
  • Return to the "Transaction Information" tab.
  • In the Approvers Action Drop-down Menu:


      • Choose Approve icon to approve.
      • Click SAVE. You are done, unless there are more documents to approve


      • Choose Disapprove to disapprove.
        • Caution: If you choose disapprove no one may make corrections to the document.
      • Click SAVE


    • Choose Return/Corrections to send the EPAF back to the originator to make corrections.
      • Type an explanatory message in the "Comment" box in the "Other Information and Comments" tab regarding what needs correcting.
      • No email is sent to the originators, therefore, you must personally notify the originator that corrections need to be made.
    • Click SAVE.