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Document Employee Performance Quick Training

Keep This in Mind

  • Document the things employees have done well or did not accomplish/did not do well.
  • Whatever you say or document must be objective, observable, and measurable.
  • Talk with employees face to face. Clearly state what was observed, and what was expected (if there is a performance problem).
  • Be honest about employee performance. If it was sub-standard, clearly state what the problem was, in an objective, observable and measurable way.

Why do it:
  • To give the employee "credit" for good work.
  • Make sure that the employee understands what the job requires. (Remember: objective, observable, and measurable.)
  • The primary purpose should be to assess employee performance or productivity.

What to do:
  • Don't lie or backdate documents.
  • Don't wait too long after an incident.
  • Don't embellish or dramatize - Be objective and descriptive.
  • Review job description with new employees and as needed thereafter. (Policy 395 - Introductory Period of Employment)
  • Allow employee to provide own version of events if he/she disagrees.
  • Document substandard or good/excellent performance. (Sample recording system - this IS NOT a replacement of the Performance Appraisal Tool)
  • Give employee specific feedback/goals for improvement.
  • Provide retraining, education, and assistance.
  • Tell employee the document will go into his/her employee file. (Policy 331 - Personnel Files)