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Extra Service Compensation

For the full training module click here: Extra Service Compensation-Quick Training

Key Points

  • Extra-Contractual Service is any service rendered to the university that is not specifically identified as part of the expected work-load in the employees primary role assignment
  • Before start of service and the employee completes a Request for Extra Service Compensation form and has it signed by the appropriate Department Head and Dean along with any other required signatures.
  • Final written approval must be obtained prior to commencement of extra-contractual service.
  • Obtain your supervisors approval at least annually for extra service compensation.
  • The employee is responsible for being aware of, and disclosing, any conflict of interest as soon as it arises.
  • The manager is responsible, both annually and as requests arise, for ensuring that any conflict with the employee's primary role is avoided or appropriately managed. Policies 376 (Extra Service Compensation) and 307 (Conflict of Interest).