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Extra Service Compensation Quick Training

Keep This in Mind

  • Extra-Contractual Service is “any service rendered to the university that is not specifically identified as part of the expected work-load in the employee’s primary role assignment”
  • Before start of service and the employee completes a Request for Extra Service Compensation form and has it signed by the appropriate Department Head and Dean along with any other required signatures.
  • Final written approval must be obtained prior to commencement of extra-contractual service.
  • Obtain your supervisor’s approval at least annually for extra service compensation.
  • The employee is responsible for being aware of, and disclosing, any conflict of interest as soon as it arises.
  • The manager is responsible, both annually and as requests arise, for ensuring that any conflict with the employee's primary role is avoided or appropriately managed. Policies 376 (Extra Service Compensation) and 307 (Conflict of Interest).

Why do it:

  • Employees make extraordinary contributions to USU that may or may not be related to their primary role assignment. "This is an institutional expression of support for appropriate - incentive compatible - performance based standards." See Policy 376.1 (Extra Service Compensation).

What to do:

    • Employee completes the Request for Extra Service Compensation form and submits it to Department Head/ supervisor prior to the start of service.
    • Required approvals:
      • Dean and Department Head in ALL cases
      • Director, Sponsored Programs (if extra compensation is paid on any contracts or grants).
      • Controller (if any work is paid on any contracts or grants).
      • President/ Provost (forwarded by Dean) if :
        • Employee holds an administrative title, or
        • The Extra Service Compensation will exceed 20% of the employee’s annualized salary (Compensation above 20% of the annualized base salary will only be approved in extenuating circumstances.)

  • Unless Provost approval is required, the Dean’s office should retain a copy of the signed form, and forward the original to Human Resources (unless the employee is or was paid on a contract or grant).
  • The Employee, Department Head and Dean should verify that all extra service compensation requests for the upcoming fiscal year do not total more than 20% of the employee’s annualized salary.
  • The Office of Human Resources will notify the employee or the appropriate department when the request has been approved.
  • Once approved, the department will process an EPAF. If the compensation is over 20%, or if the employee holds an administrative title, the Provost's Office must be added to the EPAF approval routing.
  • Compensation for extra-contractual services involving contracts and/or grants must receive prior approval through the granting agency, the University Sponsored Programs Office, and the Vice President for Research, and must be in compliance with federal regulations as outlined in appropriate OMB circulars and other government publications.