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HR Time Cards and Leave Quick Training

Keep This in Mind

  • *NOTE: You must "Approve and Acknowledge" or "Return for Corrections" AND THEN "Apply all Actions". If you do not apply the actions, the leave approval is not completed.*

What to do

    • Enter PHADSUM in the "Go To" box. Banner will take you to your personal PHADSUM screen.
    • In Organization, type department code (DP code, such as DPPERS, DPMAE, DPCHPC). Transaction Status should be PENDING (documents waiting for your approval).
    • Enter the appropriate Payroll ID. Type in your 2-letter code.
      • HX semi-monthly student
      • SA salaried employee,
      • GA graduate
    • Enter the appropriate Payroll No. Input 2-digit Pay period (i.e. Period 07 for March 16-31). Question? You can arrow down for calendar or ask your assistant for the ID and Payroll No.
    • On Toolbar, click NEXT BLOCK. (List of all students, employees, etc. who require approval will appear.)


    • Check each Approve or Acknowledge box.


    • Return for Correction box (if applicable)


  • After reviewing all individual entries, click OPTIONS, then click "Approve/Acknowledge All"
  • On Toolbar, click OPTIONS
  • Under OPTIONS, click "Apply all Actions." (*If you do not complete this step, you have not finished the approval process!!!* See "Keep This in Mind" above)